In-Depth Discovery Workshops

Fridays 3:30pm-4:45pm



Guest will draw from life, photographs and imagination using traditional and non-traditional tools. From small to life size drawings, the elements of line, shape, space and value will be explored. Several warm ups will start each session, ending with a more developed drawing or series of drawings.  Watch your confidence and interest grow by doing the work.

January 18, 25, & February 1

$45.00 per person  



Do you love color? Then this is your workshop.  We are going to look at color relationships:  warm, cool, neutral, complementary contrast and much more.  With this information we can explore the expressive qualities these relationships can give your drawings and paintings.

February 8,15, & 22

$45.00 per person


The Value in Collage

As guests paint their collage papers, they will explores the relationships of color contrast and value. This workshop also addresses shape, space and value contrasts as well. Positive and negative space experiments will improve the awareness of our composition, as we play with geometric and organic shapes. By manipulating their collage pieces, guest will learn to recognize for themselves, how to harmonize these important elements of art in their collages.

March 1, 8, 15

$45.00 per perso